Thermoplastic injection moulding

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The choice of raw materials

The experience gained in injection moulding and the consolidated collaboration with our technological partners allow us to stay constantly updated in the research for new materials and to be competitive in the injection moulding of the most common materials.

How we do it?

We have used the 4.0 technology to optimise the production flow thanks to the support of advanced software.

We have connected the machines into a 4.0 network in order to control the operation of the entire supply chain in real time from a single workplace, automatically getting information on productivity and quality, thus optimising operating times and reducing waste.

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Machinery fleet

Our production capacity consists of a constantly updated machinery fleet, which includes 40 to 800-tons injection moulding machines.

In this way we can meet the most different needs with extreme flexibility, from over-moulding to bi-injection, from the use of new materials to the mould testing.

Presse pneumatiche

Presses equipped with electro-pneumatic robots for the ejection of moulded parts.

Iniezione tecnologica

A press with bi-injection technology that allows the co-moulding of items in different materials and colours.

Iniezione tecnologica

A press specially equipped for the production of technical items made of transparent or coloured polycarbonate.

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Our common materials

Polypropylene, ABS, Polystyrene,
Nylon filled and not filled,
Acetal resins, Polyethylene

Transparent, crystal
or polycarbonate

Thermoplastic rubber


Types of injection moulding

Bi-component moulding:
With a robotic bi-injection press

On plastic, rubber and metal inserts